Here at Full Factory we have our own sporting icons. We rarely go for the obvious. We prefer the unsung heroes and heroines, and enjoy bringing their names to a wider audience.

Introducing Beryl Swain

For instance, we love Beryl Swain, That is why we have produced a series of Beryl t-shirts and hoodies for you. Lots of people don't know who this amazing pioneering woman is and what she achieved, so we would like to tell you. Beryl, born in London in January 1936, achieved fame as the very first woman ever to compete solo on the world famous thirty seven and three quarter mile Isle of Man TT Mountain course, regarded as the most challenging in the world. In 1962, she completed the two lap 50cc race aboard her 49cc Itom machine, finishing 22nd ahead of three of her male competitors. Having then announced her intention to compete in the 1963 TT, the Sport's governing body then took the decision to rescind her racing licence, on the grounds that it was unladylike to compete in the TT! How times have changed!

Introducing Santiago Herrero

Santiago Herrero was a great, but largely unsung hero of motorcycle world championship Grand Prix racing. He campaigned the iconic single cylinder, 250cc magnesium monocoque, Spanish Ossa factory machine. Racing against the much more powerful machinery of the likes of Ivy, Read and, later, Carruthers, Herrero used his great skill and the superior handling of the Ossa to head the 1969 World Championship after winning three rounds and taking a very impressive third at the Isle of Man TT. He then crashed at the Ulster, but still managed to arrive at the final round of 1969, in Yugoslavia, one point clear in the title race. Unfortunately, a crash there lost him the title but he still placed third in the final standings.

In 1970, he won the Yugoslav GP, to arrive at the Isle of Man TT as series leader. Sadly, a last lap accident, whilst lying third, robbed the sport of a true star. Santiago Herrero is without doubt one of the greatest riders never to win a world title. We hope that our design does him justice.